About me

Hi I'm Chloe!

After graduating from Birmingham City University in 2020 with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, I started working in an architectural firm in Northampton as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant. Alongside working, I undertook a Masters in Architecture Degree at De Montfort University, achieving a Distinction. My final masters project received two awards - the MAKE Architects Prize and the Leicestershire & Rutland Society of Architects President's Award.

I have worked in practice for almost 3 years and am proficient in various software including:

  • Revit
  • Sketch-Up
  • Rhino
  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Lumion

Year 2 Project

Pond City

This project was submitted as a Design Thesis Module during my final year of Masters at De Montfort University.

Water is one of the most important contributors to all ecosystems, but it is eschewed in most modern-day cities. As Leicester has grown, the Victorian city model has become outdated and therefore is the cause of most urban flooding. The proposal for ‘Pond City’ is to celebrate the water in Leicester and bring it to the surface, in an attempt to re-connect the city with the water. The master plan for the creation of ponds throughout the city will provide increased biodiversity for both plants and animals, and creates natural environments to bring the city back to the river.

Awards received:

MAKE Architects Prize 2023

Leicestershire & Rutland Society of Architects President's Award (Part 2) 2023

1:5000 @ A1 Master Plan
1:500 @ A0 Site Plan
1:250 Site Model

Masters Year 1 Project

Wild Nursery

This project was submitted as a Design Module during my first year of Masters at De Montfort University.

Wild Nursery is a tangible piece of architecture which responds to its climate and surroundings. The Wild Nursery is produced in response to the climate crisis, to aid and educate the children about the impacts this will have on their future. The depletion of biodiversity in Leicester is a major problem and the proposal of the nursery provides catered habitats for the main species that have been lost. The nursery also provides countless opportunities for the children to experience a harmony between people and animals and in turn they will have a deeper understanding of what is being lost. The Wild Nursery provides high quality childcare for the underprivileged children of St Matthews through the means of Montessori Learning, aided by the wildlife that surrounds them. 

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